Opening Reception

The opening of Ngā Hau E Whā – The Four Winds took place on Thursday 3 March.

Leilani Kake with Cook Island curator, Jim Vivieaere

Ariane Craig-Smith and Gabrielle Amodeo, Auckland Arts Festival

Douglas Bagnall and Nicole Lim (Fresh Gallery Otara)

Leilani Unasa, Devid and Naomi Singer

Speeches from Ema Tavola (Curator) and Leilani Kake.

Tautai Trust 2011 Artist in Residence, Selwyn Palmer Teho and Daren Kamali

Norman Edgerton, Ema Tavola, Douglas Bagnall and Leilani Kake

Tracey Williams and Steve Lovett

Leisa Siteine and Ema Tavola

Luisa Tora and friend

Luisa Lefao-Setoga, Kolokesa Mahina-Tuai and friend

Julie McCormick, Tanu Gago and Rebecca Hobbs

Claire Mockridge, Dei Hamo and FMC VXN


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