The audio soundtrack of Ngā Hau E Whā – The Four Winds includes a tauparapara, an introductory salutation in te reo Maori. It is called Huakina te po uriuri and is recited by the artist, Leilani Kake.

Huakina te po uriuri

Huakina te po uriuri
Huakina te po tangotango
Huakina te po i whakau ai te moe
Whiti roua i a whiro
No Tu ra etahi tangata
No Rongo ra etahi tangata
Kia mau te rongo ki te kahui wairua
Kia mau te rongo  ki te mataora
Whiti,whiti,whiti roua
Ka whiti rere ake
Ki te whei ao
Ki te ao marama
Tihei  mauri ora

In English…

Reveal the dark night
Reveal the night that gropes
Reveal the night that causes you to sleep
Cross over to reach Whiro
One part is from Tu
One part is from Rongo
Obey and sense the spirits
Obey and sense the design
Cross over and pass through to arrive
Flitter up and into the world of light
I sneeze the breath of life

The Po uriuri is the cold dark night that can be felt. Po tangotango can be described as the night that gropes you as you pass through it. This Po tangotango is similar to a child passing through the virginal entrance to achieve life into this physical world.

“Whakau ai te moe” depicts the intensity of the child sleeping within the womb and after birth. The use of Whiro reminds us that the treat of death is still possible after the birth of an infant. We are descendants of Tu with a masculine and temperamental character as well as of Rongo with a feminine and peaceful quality.

The tauparapara stipulates that we continue the ancient tradition of learning our genealogical links back to the elements of the physical world and down through to our human ancestry who now resides in the permanent abode of our people in Hawaiki.

The introductory chant acknowledges the essence of life and celebrates our entrance into the world of light.

An excerpt from Whaikorero. Tauparapara 1 [Quadprint Colorpress Ltd., c2007] by Sam Rerekura, Te Whare Wananga o Ngapuhi-nui-tonu

Further, the following moteatea also features in the work’s soundtrack:

No wai te reo e powhiri nei e ahau
No nga tipuna e
Na wai te reo i tuku iho e
Na nga tipuna e
Ma wai te reo e ora ai e
Maku ma tatou ma te motu e

In English…

Who set the foundation for today
Our ancestors
Who set our history
Our ancestors
Who gave us life/existence
Our ancestors from all the islands


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